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Here at the London Language Institute we are proud to involve our students in exciting and innovating projects. We strive to make learning a language a fun process! If you are curious about what kinds of activities our students have participated in, take the time to have a look at some of our projects…

Window Shopping in Tirana!

Our students went out and about on the streets of Tirana to window shop! Students put their English vocabulary learning into practice and had a very fun afternoon! Take a look at our video of their experience.

Discover the World!

Our students participated in a geography project “Discover the World”. They learned lots of interesting facts about different countries around the world. Each student of our Hopscotch 3 classes was assigned a different country and tasked with discovering information about their country using the National Geographic Kids website. Take a look at the different profiles created by our students, perhaps you will discover something new!

Food! Glorious Food!

What’s your favourite food? What food do they eat in different countries? And, most importantly, what food would you like to try? Our incredible students addressed these very important question in their class project, Food Glorious Food!

Students transformed their classroom into a makeshift studio and took turns to be both interviewers and interviewees! The aim of the project was to expand both our minds and vocabularies by learning about different foods in different places and also by reminiscing about our favourite meals!

Check out their fantastic creations below!:

Food from around the world!

What’s the most amazing meal you’ve ever had?

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